About TouMei C800I Smart Projector wireless share-screen Detailed operation

About  TouMei C800I Smart Projector wireless share-screen Detailed operation, you can know it clearly at http://blog.toumeipro.com/2017/04/toumei-c800i-smart-projector-wireless.html, support iphones and Android phones, be worth to have look.


Wallet Projector

Put the C800i in your wallet, take it to anywhere you want

Toumei new coupon codes are comming

Hello every tomei fans, thank you for your attention, we will be better and better, We will bring more better projectors for you, make you spend less money to enjoy better projectors, Our feet march forward, never cease !
From now on to April 30th, 2017, you can enjoy two discount for Toumei C800i, a smart Pocket Projector, another one is Toumei V3, a 3D Projector. you can save 20 USD or 30 USD, a best price with a great projector, be worth to have a look.

Recommend a Smart Pocket DLP Projector

Toumei C800i is a Smart Mini DLP Projector, with DLP technology, make the projection more vivid. Be worth to have a look, visit Toumei Official Site (http://www.toumeipro.com), you can know much fun of projectors, never let you down.
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About DLP technology, DLP is an abbreviation for “Digital Light Processing”, which means that make a digital processing for the video signal and then project it. DLP is the technology that based on DMD (Digital Micro mirror Device) technology produced by TI (Texas Instruments) to complete the visual display of digital information. Specifically, the DLP projection technology take DMD as the primary key of the optical processing element to implement the digital processing.  utilize the DLP technology to make the projection more vivid.

A very high cost performance of intelligent projector

Efficient and convenient, mobile is the goal of modern office, modern office supplies is a powerful guarantee to realize the goal, with the rapid development of multimedia technology, digital technology and application in office supplies, efficient and convenient, moving target is becoming realized. As an important part of digital office supplies, the projector is becoming more and more intelligent, multi-functional and personalized. When it comes to projectors, more and more people are attracted by the Mini Projector.
However,  there is a very high cost performance of intelligent projector, just Toumei Smart Mini Projector, C800i ( note: C800 was an old version, has already stop production, changed the function HDMI output to HDMI input), size with iphone 7 plus, lightweight only 0.58lb with a compact and portable Design easy to install. It is space saving while not in use can be used indoors and outdoors for home and mobile entertainment, This pocket projector will quickly become your funny entertainment tool.

Toumei C800i Mini projector support full 1080P HD video. Enjoy HD image projection up to 120 inches . Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/16:Easily turns virtually any surface into a HD theater through a simple Wi-Fi connection. Built in speakers and easy set-up.